Statement Analysis, Handwriting Analysis, Surveillance Analysis, Targets of Violence Analysis, Criminal Networks Analysis, Interview Deception Detection, Surveillance Detection, Workplace Disruptions, Risk, Threats, Vulnerability, Advances Site Surveys, SWOT, Link, Matrix Analysis, Dangerousness of Stalkers, Corporate, Private, Legal, People, Places, Things, Insurance, Fraud, Theft, Background Crime Check, Work Resume Verification, Stalkers Stalking Cases, Estate Security, Corporate Protection, Workplace Disruptions, Crisis Intervention, Crime Prevention, Protective Intelligence, Counter Surveillance, Event Security, Stalker Suppression, Workplace Protection, Threat Detection Response, Asset Security Protection, Vacation Tourism Protection, Land Air Travel Protection, Low Profile Protection, VIP Close Protection, Relocation Protection, Disaster Recovery Protection, Computer IT Security, Escort Security Protection, Proactive Predictive Intelligence, Protection Metrics Measurements, Business Intelligence Logistics, Corporate Protective Services, Investigative Executive Due Diligence, Overt Covert Asset Protection, Protective Executive Services, Behavioral Environmental Intelligence, Performance Expectation Analysis
Randall W. Haws Certified Security Protective | Intelligence Protection Specialists Private Investigations Personal Protection Officers Operations

  • Statement Analysis
  • Handwriting Analysis
  • Surveillance Analysis
  • Targets of Violence Analysis
  • Criminal Networks Analysis
  • Interview Deception Detection

  • Surveillance Detection
  • Workplace Disruptions
  • Risk, Threats, Vulnerability
  • Advances & Site Surveys
  • SWOT, Link, & Matrix Analysis
  • Dangerousness of Stalkers

  • Corporate, Private, & Legal
  • People, Places, & Things
  • Insurance, Fraud, & Theft
  • Background & Crime Check
  • Work & Resume Verification
  • Stalkers & Stalking Cases

  • Estate Security
  • Corporate Protection
  • Workplace Disruptions
  • Crisis Intervention
  • Crime Prevention
  • Protective Intelligence
  • Counter Surveillance
  • Event Security
  • Stalker Suppression
  • Workplace Protection
  • Threat Detection & Response
  • Asset Security & Protection
  • Vacation & Tourism Protection
  • Land & Air Travel Protection
  • Low Profile Protection
  • VIP Close Protection
  • Relocation Protection
  • Disaster Recovery Protection
  • Computer & IT Security
  • Escort Security & Protection

Protective Intelligence

  • Protective Executive Services
  • Corporate Protective Services
  • Proactive & Predictive Intelligence
  • Performance Expectation Analysis
  • Business & Intelligence Logistics
  • Protection Metrics & Measurements
  • Behavioral & Environmental Intelligence
  • Investigative Executive Due Diligence
  • Overt & Covert Asset Protection

Security Solutions*

Randall's insights and spot on assessments helped to sway a court ruling in a domestic violence case that ended up placing the two children into protective custody and out of harm's way.
~D. Vest

Randall is a pro who not only knows what he's doing, but does it with a great attitude and on deadline. One of the best in the business.
~C. Anderson

To say Randall is great to work with is not accurate. Randall is wonderful to work with and our history in working together proves it. We gave Randall our concept and he provided the right insights, suggestions and creativity.
~S. Emerson

Randall is exceptionally responsible and volunteers to jump in and help out with any task from the mundane to the challenging. He blends a well organized, task oriented style with the aforementioned sensitivity to the needs of others.
~F. Delcamp

Though I have not yet had the chance to work with Randall... I look forward to the opportunity and believe his tenacity, drive and ability will be valuable to other protective operations.
~B. Wilson

Randall's unique ability to think both creatively and technically, combined with his nearly encyclopedic knowledge of the industry makes him an extremely valuable resource.
~L. Davis

Randall is a rare breed. He is very smart and extremely dedicated to what he does. Unlike many, though, Randall strives to ensure that the end product is working to its utmost efficiency and usability.
~W. Duffey

I've had the pleasure of working with Randall on multiple occasions, all of which have been a positive and rewarding experience. He is an excellent strategic planner and quick to discover multiple viable solutions to the most challenging issues.
~J. Stefaniak

Randall is someone who consistently delivers exceptional work on every project. The dedication and problem solving skills make Randall a valuable asset to any team.
~K. Harrington

Randall is genuinely interested in helping others and provides service in a consistently positive and helpful manner.
~F. Delcamp


Unified Mitigation Strategies

My mission is to construct and integrate unified mitigation strategies through initiatives that reduce the vulnerability and the likelihood of risks from threats, hazards, embarrassment, and loss of assets through the identification of internal and external strengths and weaknesses while implementing best practices of executing innovative original custom solutions.

Information Security & Intelligence Management

Protective intelligence management is a strategy that organizes quantitative and qualitative information in such a way that it facilitates effective decision making under conditions of uncertainty through gathering and analyzing information about individuals or groups who may have an interest, the capabilities or motivation, or who are intent on causing a disruption.

Information security from a "jack of all trades" perspective necessitates maximizing security automation and prioritizing top threats, so that a large or small team may truly and effectively risk-manage intelligent security for an entire organization.

It is critical that the principles of strategy formulation, implementation, and evaluation are integral to strategic decisions based on analyzed information to conclude an interpretive analysis to make sound decisions and projections.