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I Took These Pictures Back in 2014

2014 was the last good year before my unknown cancer continued its aggressive metastatic progression through to October 1, 2015 when I finally received my cancer diagnosis.

I tooke these pictures on my digital camera while visiting some great places with wonderful wildlife and amazing scenery. I hope that you enjoy them and can see what I saw in them when I took these pictures.

I hope to post more pictures soon from other excursions from many other years.

Life Before Cancer

Life was much better before cancer. A cancer diagnosis such as mine is hard to reconcile and live with since the life span expectancy with treatment is maybe a year and half. But, as you can see below, I have had a tremendous amount of interesting and unique jobs over the past 30 years prior to having cancer. Some of my jobs were truly great, while most of them were merely stepping stones towards the next big thing, which usually turned out to be not very big.

Some of My Jobs Since 1985